Better understand in vitro-in vivo correlation

for more efficient subcutaneous formulation design with ECM XR from Pion

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Continuing in its quest to pioneer innovative analytical solutions for drug development, Pion is launching the ECM XR, a new artificial extracellular matrix (ECM) that mimics the human subcutaneous environment.  

Currently, in biopharmaceutical formulations, scientists see major differences in bioavailability in subcutaneous formulations when studied in vitro versus in vivo. This means that they cannot make informed decisions on bioavailability until human clinical studies have been conducted. 

In 2021 we launched the SCISSOR N3 subcutaneous injection site simulator to enable scientists working on formulations to be administered by subcutaneous injection to rank order biopharmaceuticals in a bio-relevant human setting helping to predict in vivo performance. 

On October 20th 2022, we unveiled the ECM XR. Developed for use with SCISSOR N3, the ECM-XR has the stability required to study drug release over prolonged periods of time. In tests with a range of drugs, it demonstrated clinically relevant in vitro release profiles. 


Meet the New ECM XR

Learn about how our new ECM XR:

  • Allows more representative testing over longer timeframes 
  • Provides valuable and complete information 
  • Enables  faster formulation development with less reliance on in vivo testing