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News: Pion Inc
Acquires Two Square Science

The PrepEngine and LabEye products are now available exclusively through Pion Inc.

December 12, 2022. Pion, Inc., a leading provider of innovative analytical solutions for drug development, has acquired Two Square Science, a company specializing in sample preparation, content uniformity, and remote monitoring solutions for the life science industry.

The acquisition will add PrepEngine, a flexible, productive life science processing platform to the Pion portfolio for in vitro drug characterization, along with LabEye, high-performance monitoring system for the lab environment. These capabilities will help customers access richer, more relevant data to accelerate drug development and minimize reliance on in vivo studies. The transaction follows SFW Capital Partners’ strategic investment into Pion in May 2021.

We’re delighted to be adding Two Square Science’s solutions to the Pion portfolio and our customers will benefit from the subsequent expanded product portfolio.

Download the LabEye or  PrepEngine brochure.

To read the official news release, please click here.

Check them out their current product page at Two Square Science and contact us to learn more today!

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Pion PrepEngine

PrepEngine was developed through collaborations with world leaders in the pharmaceutical and cannabis industries to simplify and accelerate the sample preparation process. The result is a compact, benchtop design that prepares samples up to 90% faster than conventional methods with a stable, consistent process that eliminates the need for retesting. This flexible platform is available as a single mixing station or a 10-station unit, as pictured above.